Grade 5



When I hear the word home, I feel warm and safe, like the kind of safe, as if you were to sit in a pit surrounded by pillows. When I think home I think accepted, because I get angry really easy. So when I’m at home I just feel comfortable, and accepted for who I am. Home is sitting by a fire with family and your family is supporting you if you had a bad day at school.
Home is where you can get upset and family gives you a pep talk and makes you feel so much better. Home is a place that’s different. Home makes you feel welcome even if someone else shut you out. In a home, people love you even though others may not. Home is where you can give love and be loved, and where it doesn’t matter, and you can just be yourself. Family cares for you when you are scared, and they make you feel safe and warm. Home lets you feel warm inside. Home gives you food so that you can be alive and share your home.