Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home means something different to each person. To me, it means this:

Home means hugs, it means happiness,

It means having someone to share a moment

With. It also means having someone to help cheer you

Up when you are down, it means

Hearing your family’s laughter when you

Are playing games. Home is a place to feel safe, A place

To cuddle up with your pet, a place to love.

Over top of it all, home is like a house,

But to me, home is home. A house is a place

With a roof and walls, but a home is a place with

Lots of love. A house is a place with

Utensils and plates, but a home is a place with warmth

And hugs. It is also where you can make new

Memories and have fun.

My home means a lot to me, and I’m sure

It is the same for you too, because home is a special

Place. We should cherish it because who knows how

Long you’ll have your house or home. To me,

Everywhere is home, when you are with your


Everyone who has a house or home should

Remember that not everyone has one, so remember

To save your memories. Like petting your

Cat, or smelling the warm chicken soup, or hearing

Video games in the background, Or

Feeling the warm fire on your back.

Because no matter where you are or what

Happens, home is always there, in your heart. 😊