Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home, home is free it doesn’t come with a fee. Homeless has a new meaning to me, homeless means that you have no place to be protected, unique, cheerful, have fun or be valued. It doesn’t matter what you or your home looks like on the outside, it only matters what’s on the inside! Not the organs or the furniture. I’m talking about the people, the memories, and the love. Every day my mom is nice enough to drive across town to get me to all of my sports on the way there we pass homeless people and some will laugh and make fun but yet the people that laugh and make I feel the most sorry for because they must have such a bad life that in order to make them feel good they have to make others feel bad. I can’t imagine living on the streets or live in a terrible house every day I think of all the kids in the world stuck on the streets and not a home and tats why not only do I get to write a page full of emotions and sorrow but I get to help my town at the same time. I am very thankful to have this chance to help.

As I write this piece I look around this awesome classroom and I see 25 super lucky group of kids because they all have a home and a family. My only wish ever is that every child gets the chance to live in a HOME and that’s what I’m helping with. So thank you for giving me this chance to help. Thank you.

Everyone deserves a home and never to be alone.