Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home is always there for me. After the day is done, I can go home and relax with my family. At my home I can sense peace and love with warm memories.

Obviously not everybody has a home. I hope every night that I will wake, and world hunger will be solved. No one will be left in the storm and we will all be safe. With this competition we can do that.

More homes can be built. There is no hope if you do not believe. Believing is half the job, the second half is the strength of your will power.

Ending this story is the sense of home. Pizza in the kitchen cooking with the smell of awesomeness! The sound of the forks getting put on the table. Feeling the cold of the outdoors makes you thankful you have a roof over your head. You can feel the bond between the people, it is an amazing sight to see!