Grade 5



Home is a place with joy, happiness, and warmth. It is a place of love and care. A home is where I am warm and happy. It is where I sleep, where my mom makes delicious meals for me, where I like to play and run and where it is safe.

Home is where I can stay dry and warm. I love my home, it is everything to me.

It is a place that is calming, quiet and soothing. It is a place where I can enjoy a nice warm meal and have a good night’s sleep.

Any old house can turn into a home and it only needs love.

A home can change your life. It is not just a house you have, it is filled with love and joy it should be everything to you, not just me.

I think I’m not the only one who is saying this but I know that a home is a very special place for everyone.
A home can just be a place on the side of the road. A home is an important place for you, a home is just a place that you love and cherish.

I love my home so very much!