Grade 5



“Home Sweet Home” Home is the most sweetest, beautiful and gratifying place.

It’s a place where I can build memories, place where I can be myself, place where i am happy no matter if its big , small or fancy and I don’t care what other people think it is my home and that will never change.

Home is a place where you have freedom, a place where you’re treated with love and care, a place where your cozy and warm and it protects you from severe weather like snow and storms.

I am grateful for my home because when i think of people without homes, I pray to god that they will have a home just like mine.My home is secure and i don’t feel scared.

“Laughter and hugs make a house a home” and a home is where family is treasure and and friends are always welcome . It is where everybody can speak and share their ideas without being embarrassed and no matter how far you go you will always find the path to home.
I am always comfortable at home and I know home is a place for love and acceptance but there will always be problems and if you fight them with love you will win and your home will be filled with happiness.

A house is made with walls and beams,
A home is made with love and dreams !