Grade 4



When I think of home,
I think of love.
A place for happiness
And dreams to come true.
Home is where memories are cherished.
Where laughter’s important.
Home is a place with beautiful views.
Home is what I think of when I’m sad.
I think of my happy memories with
Friends and family.
The place where I am safe and happy.
The best place that anyone can grow up in,
The best place to love.
The place where we overcome sadness.
A place where no one is judged.
Where everyone is happy,
And where everyone is family.
A place with warmth you can’t get without happiness.
A place that brings everyone together.
Home isn’t a house.
Houses have furniture and objects.
But home has much more.
Home is where I learned how to walk and run,
And how to talk.
Home is a place where everyone matters.
A place that makes rain look like summer.
And a place which makes summer look like paradise.
Home is where good karma exists.
Home is where we help others when they need it.
Home is a peaceful place.
And if home was a food, imagination would be the main ingredient.
Home is where forgiveness is easily found.
Hopefully this poem has slowly grown into something that helps build someone a home.
By Ali Qureshi