Grade 4

Watson Lake



Home is where I always see my family

Home is where my family keeps me safe

Home is where I get hugs and kisses

My family always play with me and it’s so fun

My cousin always makes me laugh and my other cousin always makes me happy
and playful.

Whenever I come home from school I have delicious snacks just for me from my auntie
and she always ask what do you want to drink.

When I sleep I feel comfy and hear goats, cows, chickens, pig and vehicles

I always smell fresh air and I always sleep with my cousins together

Our home is full of love and laughter .

I smell delicious food for my birthday and we always make a lot of
noise on new year’s

At Christmas we always have a Christmas party and
give each other gifts.

I feel sad for the people who don’t have any home I wish they know what home feels to them .