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Coley's Point
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home For me the meaning of home is safety. A home is not just a house, it is a place where I can be loved and appreciated. A place where all the love and memories stay. Somewhere I can be happy and be relieved from all the stress happening outside. A place where there is no reason to be scared, but you should feel free. It is something that can’t be destroyed physically, only built onto. A place that you can´t be made fun of, only helped. When I´m home I don´t think of anything bad because home is where you think about everything good that happened and forget everything bad about your day. Home is where you don’t want to be sad, you want to be happy. Home is where you can imagination run wild. Home is the place you always want to be. It is somewhere magical, and fun. If your home is not a nice place, than it is probably not a home. Home, is a place made by love and care all over. It is somewhere no one is disrespectful, only respectful. A home is not something that is simply made by wood,brick, lining, it is something that needs appreciation to be made. It is somewhere that really only the person that is apart of it can see how good it is. Sometimes people don’t like their home because of a argument, but really your home shouldn’t break down because of one argument. It takes a lot of mean things to break down a home, you would need to argue everyday to make that happen. It is hard to break down a home, but easy to be fixed. If you participate in helping in chores or play board games with your family, the stronger your home gets. Your home also gets stronger the nicer you and your family are. Some people have a different idea of home, and that’s ok.