Grade 5

Prince Albert


Home means a lot to me. It is a big place to stay at. I’m really happy for my mom but it’s personal and it’s kind of nice to have a big house also, nice stuff. My cat is really messy and he is a thief he steals candy and he is grey cat and has black stripes and also he is fluffy.
My house is white with an igloo in the front of the house. The igloo is not built good enough. In the backyard we have a sandbox with so many ants in it. Also a pool, trampoline and a hang out spot in the summertime. We have two cars; one is my moms and the other is her boyfriends car. We’re going to decorate the house with valentine’s day stuff. I’m crafting a lot of hearts for the decorations. In the house there are 5 people so due to the covid we can’t have any more people at our house or we can have 5 more. I don’t really know much about it.
I have a phone to play on or use for emergency just incase when I cook I might start a fire or spill oil all over my poor foot. Sometimes I craft among us characters to sell for 1$ and 50c and someone is charging me 10$ for 4 of them. I made a gift bag to put them in so I don’t have to carry them to there house.
And touch, the among us characters too much. When it’s Easter the eggs will be hard to find around the house because of how big it is. This year I hope the fair is still coming to town.
One more thing when the pandemic goes away then I could do anything I want outside and go to more places but I have to stay safe for now.