Grade 5



Home is a curious thing
It’s not a place
At least, not always
Home isn’t being with your family
Not always
It’s always shifting, changing, fluid like the river
Home isn’t a certain thing
It’s whatever gives you that feeling of home

Home is comfort, cozy under a warm blanket by the fireplace
with hot cocoa and a book
Home is euphoria, slipping through the waves
at the beach on a warm summer day
Home is with family, however many members there are in yours
Home is where old friends rejoice
And new friends are made
Home is happiness

Home calls me back
A feeling of longing rushes through me
Wherever your home is
Eventually, you will need to go return
The exhilaration of seeing new things
must be matched by the serenity of familiarity

It’s where I feel loved
Crucial, needed
Where my talents, hopes and wishes
Are recognized
And my flaws, doubts and fears
Are put to sleep
A place to encourage, when others discourage
A place to be happy, wild, carefree

Home is where I am supported
Where love and trust build
And suspicion is torn down
We achieve together
And stand strong
We cherish the life we have been given
And improve it step by step

Home is paradise
Being with family, friends, close relatives
Home is filled with a feeling of being secure
Home is where you shelter
House, burrow, nest, or cave
Here you can let your guard down
Where you receive gifts
In return for the ones you gave

And with luck perhaps this poem will grow
Each branch, twig, and leaf will sprout
Maybe it will achieve something more
Into something giving someone a home