Grade 6

Listowel, on


Home is a place to be yourself. Sports is a big part of our home, mainly hockey and basketball . In my house I have 4 other people.
Home is a place to be yourself and do what you like to do. When I get home from school and my mom is home she always asks how my day was and that makes me feel loved.Home is also a place to feel loved and safe and happy that you have a home.
Hockey is a big part of our home my sister and I play it. My sister plays girls hockey. On the weekends we are usually really busy because my sister has practice and a game usually and I have a game and a practice. My brother did play hockey but he wanted to play basketball instead so then he went to try it and he liked it so he decided to play it.
In my home I have my twin brother, my sister my mom, and my step dad. I am the younger twin by 45 minutes. My sister is 2 years older than me and that makes me the youngest in our house.
That is what my home is like and what home should be like. Home should be safe and you should feel loved.