Grade 6



Home, a place where I’ll never be alone.
A place where love flutters through the air,
and comfort sits peacefully on my cozy chair.

The stove cooks steadily as my food is prepared, outside all I see are homeless impaired.I rest in bed and images of the homeless flood my head, as I dream I remember those who are not as fortunate as me.When I fall asleep I am grateful to have a roof over my head, others tonight were wandering un-fed.
While I eat my breakfast in the morning I wonder if everybody got to eat this treat.when the snow falls down i am cozy in my home,those with less advantage are stuck in the snow dough.In the morning when I go to school, some people are looking for a new place to sleep that’s cheap.

When it gets cold the homeless have to be bold,they remember that one day they’ll have a place to call home. A place where family roams and they will never be left alone.