Grade 6



A place safe and comfortable,
somewhere so memorable.
Where I can relax with no worries of the day knowing,
I have a safe place to lay.
Closing my eyes on soft pillow in a good night,
with no bit of fright.

Home is a place where you with friend,
home is a journey that never ends.
Home is where there’s laughter and tears,
even on days where there’s little fears.
In Lebanon, where I used to live, snakes would go around my house,
there would always be a mouse.

When I look at the poor,
I feel for those who don’t have a door
I am lucky to have a home,
some people have to roam.
Some people have to steal a meal,
so there tummy can heal.

Let’s help these who sleep in the cold winter breeze.
Let’s help build a home,
so people don’t have to roam.
Together we can make their dreams come true,
now it’s all up to you!