Grade 5

Richmond Hill


A home is a very vital object for everybody. It might be a house, but it can be a cave, an airport, but it makes you feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, even if your home doesn’t actually contribute much shelter or make you feel welcome or comfortable, everyone still deserves the right to have a home.

There is a lot of importance in having a home. Having a home allows you to keep your safe keeps or meaningful items in a secure place. Homes also provides shelter, which we’ll get onto later. It also provides comfort, a place to sleep, and a lovely place. Homes do have a lot of significance in peoples life, they provide a secure place to safe keeps in, shelter, and comfort.

Homes provide a sense of security, it doesn’t have to be physical protection, it can also be emotional or imaginative protection. Homes are normally calm and have no insulting language. Safe homes also provide shelter from the elements, such as water or metal. Safe and secure homes should be peaceful and not have any sort of disturbance. All homes that are safe and secure should protect you from the elements of nature and mankind and make you feel calm and peaceful.

People should be knowledgeable about their home. Homes should have their locations known by their owner(s). The jobs that have to be done around the home should also be understood by the owner(s). The inner section of the home should also be recognized by their owner(s). Homes should be fully understood, whether it’s the location of the home, the inner segment, or the jobs, owners of homes should take responsibility for their home.