Grade 6

British Columbia



What a home means to me is somewhere that is personal, like a place where I spend time with my family. A home can be a birthplace, like Vancouver Island is for me. A place that is comfortable to play games with friends and family. A home isn’t necessarily a house, it’s where your heart is. To me, a home can also be a place where I feel free to get lost in my favorite books. It is the place my family has movie nights with snacks and a fire, it’s cozy and I’m with my family.

A home is where there is laughter that fills it like a balloon. It is when my mom, who is so good at making puns, makes my family tear up and laugh then makes more puns. It is also where I love to go outside into our beautiful garden which I helped choose and pick the plants. I especially love my bean plant that is growing like a weed as it wraps around the pole in our beloved greenhouse. Soon it will take over! Home is a really special time I spend with my mom planting and gardening together. Cooking together as a family and going on adventures. Homes can have ups and downs. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes they’re bad, but the best thing is we always find a way to sort it out because we love each other. Home is a place where I can be with my crazy, loving, amazing and fun family.

Elijah Lauzon Alyea
2936 Mt. wells Dr Victoria BC V9B4S12