Grade 6

British Columbia


When I come home from school or shopping with my mom, we come home to a house and it’s so peaceful and calm. It makes me calm down from all of that excitement from my school day. Home is special because it makes me feel safe and loved. It makes me feel calm here. It should make you feel happy with all of you friends and family. Family is what makes all of your happiness in your life because they are always there for you to make your life better. You should be grateful where you live. Where you live in the world affects your rights, and life as a child. Home is opening presents on my birthday or even Christmas with the fluffy white snow people sliding down hills on their sleds with their friends or siblings down a hill. For me, Christmas is one of the best days. It is so fun. You see Christmas lights all over the town. Opening presents with my family feels so much like home.That is home for me. Home is somewhere when you walk in the door you feel the fresh cold breeze on your body. It is a place where you are the person that you are. When I think of home I think of love, calm and relaxing. It is a place that makes you, you. That is home for me.Home is supposed to be fun. I have fun stuff like my computer and an Xbox. When I wake up in the morning I make my lunch and get ready for school. After I do that me and my brother play video games on our computer. But we have times when we have to go to school with my brother. That is home for me. Home is a great place where there’s nature and animals Home is the best place in the world. It feels so good to have a home it has everything you would ever want. Home is special