Grade 6

Gysbrough NS.
Nova Scotia



I love Nova Scotia because it’s my home
It’s in a big country called Canada
In Nova Scotia there’s a place called Truro
And in Truro there’s a building called the Dome

But Truro is not where I live
I live in Canso, it’s not very big
Once in a while someone might throw a shindig
Sometimes people are generous and decide to give

I sleep in Canso every night
Unlike a birthday nothing’s ever new
I never wake up in a fright
Cansonians definitely rule

My family means a lot to me
I always feel loved no matter what
My friends also mean a lot to me
Everyone in general is usually nice

The big blue ocean with big waves
Making it even more cold than normal
In the summer people go swimming and fishing
Making it a very fun day

My parents always make sure I have food
Make sure that I’m always happy
They usually never doubt me
And they help me when I need them the most

Taking walks through the park
Hanging out with my friends
Making memories with my friends and family
That I’ll never forget

The waterfront is one of the best parts
Walking along the side of the water
Throwing and skipping rocks until they finally sink
And then make my way back home

Laying down in my bed reading my book
Or playing with my brothers and sister
I will never be alone
In Canso called my home