Grade 4

Saint John
New Brunswick


Home protects me it keeps me warm and dry from all the rain and snow. It
always gives me something to look forward to. I can have somewhere to rest my
head after a hard day. It is were everyone can hang out and talk about there
feelings and there day. it will always smell delicious it’s a place that you can
trust you can make a mistake and you will still be loved home is some were that
will protect you when you live in it. It will give you a good time for love all day
long. It will give you so much room for all your goodies. It will give you excitement
when you are there and you will be running around the halls and jumping on the bed you will be to exited to wait for night to hit that you be napping and the next day you will be chugging the cereal down because you will be wanting to go explore. you can make it look like anything you want. You could buy pets to have company. So know I expect that you know what home is so I hope that your home is perfect for you.