Grade 5



A home to me is a place anywhere where you live with your family. It is a spot where you bring all your friends to play. A place where you come home to every day. A place where you make all your good memories and bad memories. To me all homes are different, their smell, their look, their feeling.
What makes my home special is my room that I go home to every day with all my game and books. My piano that I go play on after school. My brothers when they try sneaking into my room even though sometimes it’s annoying. My backyard and trampoline that I play on.
I feel safe at home when its warm and I know that my parents are there. I feel safe when I’m reading in my room. I feel safe knowing that I have a nice warm home to come back to after school.
What I like about my home is that I have my own room. I like playing games with my brothers. I like that I feel safe and that my family is close by.