Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home to me means love.

The number one thing that makes my home my home is the people that are there with me. My family really embraces the feeling of home.

Number two is the memories I create. I have lived in the same home my whole life, so I have lots of memories. Some are good, and some are not so good.

Number three is feeling safe and comfortable. A home is not a home unless you feel safe and you get all the comfort you need.

Number four is your belongings. If you have a belonging, whether it’s a toy or a hundred dollar ring, if it’s special to you, then it belongs in your home.

Last, but certainly not least, is when you’re in your home, you’re always cared for. You’re loved. You’re special. You also have to be kind and make sure everyone else feels special. Not in a rude way like, “I’m the most special person ever.” But a kind of special that means that they know that you love them. Or, that you always have their backs.

I am very excited to help people. I try to help people a lot, if I have time. You see, I am a very busy person, but I always have time to do something like this.

I think we all forget that we should be thankful because some people don’t have anything. I hope you get this message. I think the idea of Habitat for Humanity is a great idea, and it has already helped many people find an affordable home.

Thank-you so much for making this possible.