Grade 4



Home is a place where my family is always there when I need them. Home is a place when I need peace and silence, so I can calm down when I get mad. Home is a place where I can go outside when it’s hot or cold or normal weather. Home is where I can keep my secrets and thoughts safe when I don’t want to tell anybody about them. Home is when I can celebrate my family’s and my birthday. Home is a place where I am growing up every year and keeping my memories from the year before. Home is a place where I keep my happy, funny, fantastic and surprising memories and thoughts of home. A lot of people move in and out of their homes. For example, I used to live in Birds Hill and then I moved to Alberhill crescent and I still have all of my old memories locked inside my brain of my old home. My home has never been robbed. That’s why I always think and know my house is safe and secured and nobody will ever break in my home.