Grade 6



This is what home means to me

Home is a place to get out of bed late at night, turn on your night light. Drop down on your knees, fold your hands close to your eyes and pray. Just pray for everything you have and pray for others.

A place to let the rain from your eyes squiggle down your cheeks in zigzags.

A place to let your imagination run wild and run through your veins.

To play a board game then laugh at a cheesy joke with the whole family

Then get back playing but still be chuckling.

Play fighting with my dad then teaming up with my brother’s.

A place to run through a big hail storm with your buddies then hop in the pool.

A house is a big room with a roof and walls But a home is a place to be loved and be tickled. A place to smile and crack jokes. A house doesn’t make memories. A home is where you make memories with loved ones and not even loved ones. It could be someone you don’t even know. But what I know is that a home brings everybody together