Grade 6



To most people, home is a place filled with love and warmth, a place where they feel they truly belong to. For me it’s the same, home is a place where I feel the happiest, somewhere where I feel equally special and that I can’t be replaced. However, I also do know that home itself is very fragile and to think of replacing it would be horrendous. Still, sometimes what we thought would be unimaginable can happen to others. Now with the snap of someone’s hand, a home to thousands of diverse creatures could be demolished in minutes. The swing of someone’s arm could kill a living tree, more importantly it’s killing a habitat with countless living organisms on it. A senseless act from us could even leak gallons of harmful oil into someone else’s home, making it unsafe to live in. We are coming to a realization that we are destroying animals homes everyday to get the things that we need. If my home were taken away from me I would be devastated. That’s why I am so grateful to have a home where I feel protected, supported, and most importantly, surrounded by the people I love.