Grade 6



What is home?
To me, first of all, home is
my family
And my house.

Moreover, Home is love that feels
Like a beating heart.
It’s the space
Where all I need is in one place.

To me, it’s the warmth it gives away,
Like a polar bear hug.
It’s the shelter that guards me
Like a caveman’s hut.

It’s the excitement of a first leaf,
That grows on a tree ,
And the last puzzle piece,
That completes the sea.

It’s the first step
That I- learned to take,
And the last slice
Of chocolate cake.

This is my perspective.
Not everyone’s the same,
However in all difference
We may all share a name.

To a rabbit it’s a borrow
Way under the ground,
To a bird it’s a nest,
Way up on the tree.

To the moose
It’s the forest,
And to the salmon
It’s fast rushing rivers into the sea.

And if you may, to my friends and I,
It’s the place we play,
and to our nation
It’s Canada ………,

To a deer it could
Be its herd.
To a baby elephant it could
Be its mom.

To a bee it could
be the hive,
And to bear it’s the honey
From the beehive .

Some say it’s
Their house,
While others say
It’s family.

Some could say
it’s Canada,
Or some could say
It’s their belongings.

Either way, as you can see
Home is
Where I am
And enjoy my family.