Grade 5



There is no place like home. -The Wizard of Oz

Home is somewhere I am not lonely.
Somewhere I can speak my own language.
Somewhere I could be myself and believe in myself.
Home is a place I can be with the people I love and people who loves me.
I feel safe all the time at home.
Home is made of people that care for me.
Everyday I go back home I am happy.
Home is somewhere I could do whatever I want to do.
I feel special at home.
My mom is there to make me warm.
And when I’m sad, my brother makes me glad,
That I live in this peaceful home.
When I come home after school to see my husky tail wagging.
Home is where memories are made.
Everytime I come back home I could see my family.
Home has everything that could protect me.
Home is somewhere everyone belongs.
A place to express yourself, and your feelings.
A place where dreams come true.
Home is where I can be myself.