Grade 5



Home means a lot of different things to me, like family, and lots of other things but I can’t list them all! Home can be different for everyone but what you are about to read is what home means to me…

The first place that means home to me is Calgary. It’s home to me because my Aunt, Uncle and cousins live there. I count that as my home because I love the people that are in my family, no matter where I am, I feel at home.

Home is being somewhere I love to be, like for me on the soccer field and in the access event center doing gymnastics. I feel at home when I’m on the soccer field because I love soccer and the feeling of just being out there and chasing after the ball. I also feel at home when I know my team is cheering for me and when I’m cheering for them, and also when they are supportive when we take a shot on net and miss. Home for me is also being in the access event center doing gymnastics. I feel at home there because I have been in there doing gymnastics since I could remember, and it just feels good being out there on the beam, bars, floor and vault. And competing against others, with my team cheering for me and just feeling like I’m part of it.

Home is a place where I feel at Home! Either with my family, friends, animals. Or even doing something I love!! Home is when I feel safe, like when I’m reading in a comfy space, especially when I’m near my family.

Home to me is just being me, seeing people I love and having fun! Home is the best place you could ever be!