Grade 6

La scie
Newfoundland and Labrador



“Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home”. Home is full of memories good and bad. What are memories without home.

Home is the place where lots of memories grow like waking up on Christmas morning, opening presents, spending time together and being surrounded with love. Home to me is having a good time with family.

Home is where I can have sleepovers with my sister in her room and stay up all night long. I can cuddle up in a blanket and watch a movie. Home is where traditions are made and carried forward. I can play board games, have family game night and eat cooked dinner every Sunday. I can spend my birthday with the people I love. I can be surrounded and open my presents. Home keeps my culture alive.

When I am home I can go to sleep and not have to worry about being cold or not feeling secure. I feel warm and cozy from inside to out.

I don’t have to worry about keeping my family, pets and myself clean. I can wash my dog and myself, I can know that I will be free of germs. Home is my safe place.

Home is a place I am welcomed and treated equally. It is a place I can have my own time away from people when I need it. It is my recharging zone.

“Houses are made of sticks and stones but homes are made of memories and love”-unknown.