Grade 5

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador


By: Sophia Ryzelle Hamilli

Home is a comfortable place of yours,
To keep everyone safe and warm indoors.
It keeps us sheltered from our fears,
Even for many years.

Home is so comfy,
It makes you feel so lovely.
Without home, you may never feel these ways,
Which would make you sad for days.
Home is where you share your joys,
With the people you love.

My home smells like flowers,
It lasts for hours and hours.
It doesn’t matter if your home is big or small,
The only thing that matters is that you’re safe and warm until nightfall.
Home is where all the fun is stored,
Hopefully you will never be bored.

Home is one of the things you need,
It’s very true indeed.
My new home in Canada makes me feel safe,
I’m forever grateful for my home.