Grade 6

campbell river
British Columbia


Home is a place where i am welcomed and im safe. My room is full of my possessions and it is where my comfortable bed is plus my apple TV where i watch Netflix and YouTube. also I can go into the living room and watch TV with my parents and play cards with my mom. sometimes i can eat all the food that is in the pantry and all the chicken nuggets in the freezer. Most importantly i think home is where family comes together. Sometimes I scroll through Facebook with my mom and we laugh at funny posts and we just have a lot of fun.
i can go to relax at home and i am safe. If I had an ideal home, I would probably have a big backyard with a trampoline, a half pipe and a mountain biking trail i would want all that because i like to mountain bike, scooter and i woul dlike to practice backflips on the trampoline. I would have a big room with a 4k TV with an Xbox 1 or a PS4. overall, home is where my family and my possesions are.