Grade 6

campbell river
British Columbia


Why my home is so important to me. You see, my family play a large role in making my home. My younger sisters, Miika and Lyndsey, look up to me, which teaches me to be a good role model for them. My parents mean so much to me because they love my siblings and I so much. They provide us with affection, support and knowledge. Friends who are close to my family and I give us love and affection, which I am grateful for. Home is also a place where I should feel comfortable. I am comfortable in my home because I have a place to sleep, possessions and a room of my home. Another reason I find comfort in my home is because we are never out of food, thanks to my hard working parents. They also pay for the luxuries of electricity, heating and water. My family’s safety and location are important to me, and the reason why is because I love them. Everyone in my family helps keep my home safe because we lock the doors and watch out for one another. The location also matters. We live right across from my sister’s school and 10 minutes from mine. We also live close to my friends and family. Overall, my home and family are super important to me.