Grade 5



Home is a place to be loved and to love the people around you. For a nice soft bed to sleep in. Nice warm home cooked meals nice cozy sits bye the fire. To run in the back yard. To ask “hey want to come over” nice hot showers. It’s the place to be yourself the place to be wild it’s the place to be with the people you love. Brothers sisters’ moms dads step dads step sisters everybody who loves you and cares about you is there at home. Thanksgiving dinner in the comfort of your home going outside with your cousins and your brothers and sisters to play tag. Decorating your own room your style. Reading on the nice couch watching the super bowl you’re in your own place at home is the place of new relationships new beginnings the new child in the family this is where heshe will grow up and heshe will have beautiful kids and thay will grow up in a beautiful house. The home is where it all happens the friendships the newborns. Doing homework on your soft bed putting all your drawing around your room. Home is the place to have a hot cup of hot chocolate after a nice play in the snow. The place to have snuggles with mom and dad. The place to build the lego set on the weekends home that’s the place to play inside and out video games looking at the star in the summer night the back yard the inside the front yard of your house these are not all of the things you can do you will find more fun things to do. Every house is great but its what you do to make your house the best thing