Grade 5

British Columbia



Home is a wonderful place. Everyone deserves a home!

Home is where you can have a warm bed to sleep in.

Home is like a nice cozy cave for a bear in the winter, without it the bear would be freezing and that is not good.

One of my favorite things to do at home is to have sleepovers and party and play games with my family.

I love making warm hot chocolate for my family when it is cold in the winter!

Me and my dad love to play a ton of board games and play video games.

In my house we have one rat named Misty and another rat named Chica and a dog named Sierra and a cat named Mini!

In our neighborhood there is this cat who is mean to my cat Mini. She came home bleeding on her foot. It was sad, but it is an incredibly good neighborhood!

Without a home you could not have pets, well you could not give them a lovely home.

I love watching movies with my friends and family. It’s nice and calming. We usually have pizza, movie night on Fridays

Everybody should have a home, people, animals, plants

Plants need a nice area to grow. Everybody should have a home!