Grade 5



A home is a place where we feel safe and warm and cozy. A place where we laugh but we also cry. Home is a place where we are free to be whomever we want to. A place where we make mistakes, where we learn from those mistake, a place where we make memories. A place to be with our loved ones. Home is a place to snuggle up with our loved around the fire. A place to be crazy. A place to have fun. Home is a place where we are free. You can spend the day in your pj’s and you can conquer dragons were we can fly. Home is where we our imagination, where creativity happens. Home is where we feel calm and at peace were we are all treated equally. Home is where we become who we are today. A place where nothing else madders. A home is where we are loved. And everyone deserves a home. ”home a place where I can go to take stuff off my shoulders someone take me home. –unknown.