Grade 5



Home is a big building full of memories. Home is a shelter that keeps us safe. It is like a family member. A house is what we believe we need in every culture. Whatever your house is, you will still love it like a family member. I feel very sad for people who don’t have money to buy or rent a house. Home can be a paradise. It can be how you want it to look.

Home can be anything, and it doesn’t matter how it looks, how old it is or how much it costs. What matters is the way you treat it.
A home feels like a big heart, that shares the love with us. It smells like a beautiful flower. I can see beautiful birds chirping. You will always have a home no matter what because a home is what stays with you your whole life. You may think home is a shelter were we can stay safe but home is not what you think it is. It is a lovable place. It is a place where we share love. A place where we share compassion. We all have rights in our home. Home is gold.

Holiday gateway at
Our one and only
Meaningful place and
Enjoyable paradise