Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is a place with family and friends warm hugs and home cooked meals, but some people don’t have a home. Most people are used to coming home from school walking into there nice cozy home laying down after a long day but a lot of people don’t have that privilege they may live in shelters for kids who don’t have homes or families.
At my home I feel welcomed and loved my home is small so it’s always warm and cozy.
Im very grateful for my home I probably don’t say it a lot but I am. I could never imagine living in a shelter without my family. When I walk into the house after school i see my dad usually watching tv our making a snack.
When I walk into my room it’s like my own mini house with all the things I own and love a warm bed with blankets and a dresser full of clothes.
When I walk into my kitchen and open the cabinets I see boxes upon boxes of food.
I wish that everyone could come home and walk into their house with all the things they need.
Home is calm surrounded by the people you love,
Lets just say if you have a home don’t take it for granted.