Grade 4

Portage la Prairie


Home is a place I can trust. Home is somewhere in this big world I can take a shower and be loved .When I go home I think of how people are treated on the streets. I think of how some kids are spoiled. Home is where my family lives .Home is a place where anyone can be trusted and safe! One day in this world I hope everybody is safe and has a home.When I grow up i’m going to help the poor and build homes for the poor!I love my home! Home is where I hear voices and sounds and they never end! It is a place that everybody deserves! Home is a place where there is running water I can drink and food straight from the source that I can eat! I will never stop believing that someday everybody can have a home .Home is where I can sleep and live and home keeps me going and it makes sure I will never stop.My home is in Canada .My home sweet home far from the arctic all across the globe. Home is somewhere I can be FREE! When I think of home I think how lucky I am to have a home.