Grade 5

New Brunswick


Home is my comfort zone, my own little bubble, where I can go my own pace and be creative. At home, I can listen to me and play music as loud as I want, as if no one is watching. Home is my zone, where I can relax and recharge read a book so I can go into an imaginary universe, let my wild imagination wonder freely. I can live my own life, make my own choices and have a free spirit and a loving heart. At home, I have my comfort items and beloved pets to snuggle and love. At home, my family loves me that means many hugs and kisses. I can sleep soundly and knit peacefully at home.
My home is not perfect, and neither is yours. That means not only do you laugh at home, but also cry, yell, and scream. Home is still special no matter where you are, but love and family make the almost perfect home.