Grade 6



Hello my name is Laycee and I will be telling you about what home means to me. So have you ever did some one come up to you and say I have a roof over my head? My address means to me safe, loving and caring and then some one else comes up to you and said some thing else, and you are like that is not truly right because some one else said it meant this, well actually home means different things to different people. Like me, so today I will be sharing just some things about what home means to me in joy. My first meaning of one’s address is that a roof over one’s head is not just a meaning or what is in the outer side it is also what is in the inner surface, so that is why there is a residence where there is a safe place in the inner side to go to. This is my second definition of an apartment. An address is not a person’s home that has an inner side it is also some one’s property where there is a quiet chamber to go to be alone. Now I will tell you my third and final sentence about the reason a residence is importin to me. A foundation is not just a safe or sheltered place it is also a place that is worm and cozy