Grade 4



My home is a special place where I can spread my feelings, spread my heart and spread my words. Then I wonder what it’s like to be another person. Not safe, maybe no food or no roof over their head. Now I think what I am grateful for. My house, my room and my family and friends. I love my family because they support me through the troubles I have. When I am asleep I think about the people who are poor. What they may have- like no food, no water, no warmth and no family to visit during the holidays. They can’t go travel if it’s something they’ve always dreamed of. Or something you’ve wanted badly, like a video game or a board game. But the poor have to survive against their hunger, they have with no food. They have to fight against the cold to survive. I bet it’s hard to be homeless. No home to go to. Every day you come back from work with no cozy shelter. I wish we could all live in harmony and peace. My home is a special place for me and friends. I hope one day we can all play together and no more war. Like people who lots their lives to let us be free and enjoy a long and happy life with love, peace and a lot of harmony.