Grade 5



Home should be a place where go can find a helping hand.It’s where you can fall asleep and wake up in a wonderful family full of happiness, and a place to be yourself. Home is where you can give and receive love. You can go run and chase after your dreams, but they will all lead you back home again, because you never know what events will transpire to get you there.

Someone can search all over the universe to find something that he needs; over the tall mountains, under the deep blue sea, below every spreading tree, and high up in the clouds, just to return home and find it. Home is just the most marvelous word there is.

If you go anywhere, anywhere at all, even to paradise, you will find a longing desire to go back home. And Dorothy got it right, there is really no place like home! It’s where you can find a shelter from all types of storms. But remember that a home without love is a body without a soul.

There is really no place like home. It’s a place where, when you need somewhere to stay, it’s always there to welcome you in with open arms. A home is not a house. A house is made of cement, bricks, and beams, but a home is made of happiness, joy, and, most importantly, love.