Grade 4



by:Sophia mclean

When I think of home,
I think of food,
If I dont have food,
I get in a mood.

When I get home from school,
I sometimes snuggle with my brother,
And it makes me feel better if I had a bad day
Then my mom sometimes comes and sometimes I call her mother.

Whenever I eat a warm dinner,
I feel really bad,
For the people who are homeless and starving,
And probably sad.

At home,
I have a dog,
I love her alot,
I love to sleep with her but she is a hog.

I love to sleep,
In a nice warm bed
But the only thing is,
I think of my cousin whom is dead.

When I think of home,
I think of my fish,
When I think of my fish,
I think of her tail going swish,swish.

My favourite thing at home,
Is to read a book,
When I read,
I go to a little nook.