Grade 4



When I walk, storm or stomp into my home I feel a bit warmer compared to the chilly winter winds. I feel a lot warmer when my dogs greet me. But sometimes when I’m lying in bed as the sun drifts off into the horizon. I wonder what if I didn’t have I didn’t have a home. I probably wouldn’t be excited to go back to a box after school. I probably wouldn’t be able to get enough food for my three playful dogs or my two lazy cats. And maybe my parents wouldn’t be able to get enough food for me. Then I wondered what would happen if I had to be outside all the time even in the 2018 wildfire. This thought changed my day badly. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about one word and that word was why. Why do some people not have a warm place to go

This led me to think, don’t they have the option to go to organizations such as The Mustard Seed or Inn from the Cold? I didn’t sleep well that night too busy wondering. Until at breakfast it hit me neither of those organizations actually give forever homes well… They do help people get jobs. But then TMS (The Mustard Seed) doesn’t let dogs in. So its dog or shelter wich is a very hard decision to make. TMS also doesn’t allow kids but inn from the cold does.

Then I wondered where a person experiencing homelessness save the money that they did get. They probably wouldn’t be able to make paper mache piggy banks. Or get a bank account.

Even if you are experiencing homelessness and don’t have a forever home yet. You can go to a public area like devonian gardens. But you can only stay in public areas during the day. So you can’t sleep in a public area unless you’re nocturnal.

If I didn’t have a home my pets would probably run away and I wouldn’t have much family. To me home is a place I take for granted.