Grade 4




Home is where you feel safe. You can be in a private space by yourself. Home is where I play sports like hockey or soccer and some other sports. Home is where someone takes care of you like your Mom or Dad and maybe your Grandma and Grandpa and sometimes an uncle or aunt.

What does it feel like not to have a home?

Probably they don’t get to play any sport like hockey, because it is a lot of money to register for a sport like that. They don’t get a nice warm cozy bed too. What if they didn’t have a bathroom to go to when they needed it most. They don’t have a friend or a family on the streets. They probably don’t want to look back at old memories.

Homeless person vs person experiencing homelessness

What would it feel like to be called a homeless person? It would probably feel like it would be forever and ever or maybe not even ever. If you say a person experiencing homelessness it makes it not so permanent. That’s why we need homelessness be no more.


To help we can donate places like the Calgary Food Bank or the Mustard Seed and Inn from the Cold. What we could donate. You could donate, a jacket, some underwear and some socks, a toque or a hat. You could donate food too.