Grade 4



Home is not some wood and bricks. It’s a lot more. It’s where my family and friends are. It’s where I’m loved and cared for. It is a place where you can be yourself without being shamed or laughed at. Home is somewhere warm at night. It’s a place where I can go and shut the door when I want too. It is somewhere I feel safe. Home is where I can be calm. Home is where my family is.

Out in the world there lives a man who was a happy man a nice one. He went to his job but when he got there… there was nothing for him to do. So that was the last day he went there. All was well until he was getting low on money. So he works even harder to get a job. But in the end nothing was working. So eventually he moved out and went to a corner to keep warm. Then one day he heard of the Mustard Seed. So he went to check it out. It looked like a hotel so he decided to stay.

Put yourself in the picture. Would you feel scared, sad, angry or happy? During the winter they’re cold. They need to keep warm. That is why I want to help. When I put myself in the picture, I would want a home fast. I would be scared and hungry begging for food. It was hard to make this because I am already sad. I hope every person with a sleeping bag under a bridge, a bench or on the side of a building will put their sleeping bag away forever.

There is a big difference between a homeless person vs a person experiencing homelessness. Because homeless person means they’re going to be without a home
forever. But if you say a person experiencing homelessness, it means at that moment but not forever. It’s like a tunnel, it may be dark there but there is a light in the end.