Grade 6



What is home? A home is just a building from the outside but inside you see memories, hopes, dreams, love, shelter, and a human right. A home is where you lived your whole life and cherished every moment and memory. A house is a shelter which gives you security. It’s where you live, love, and laugh with your family. A home is where you have freedom to do and say anything you desire. Unlike us, some people are wandering crowded streets looking for safe places to live. There are about 150 million homeless around the world and about 35000 in Canada.

Firstly a home provides shelter which gives a strong bond of security. A shelter is an essential part of life for any common man. A home protects you from threatening situations such as a dangerous storm striking your calm neighbourhood. When you enter your house you are as secure as a warm, cozy, baby wrapped in a soft blanket held by their loving mother. This secure bond connects you to your home and it’s a safe atmosphere.

Secondly a home is a family’s loving environment. A house is the perfect place where love can be born and created. It is where memories, hopes, dreams build up. A home is where your emotions matter and you rely on each other to gain comfort. Family is what represents a home and to recognize that is important.

Freedom is another factor that makes home important to each and every one of us. A house is the only place where you can do and say anything you longingly desire. You could eat easily, sing softly, or dance daintily. Freedom is a must in the journey of life and there is no other place better than home to cure that thirst.

A house isn’t just a building with bricks and wood but a sculpture sculpted with gratitude that it gave you shelter, love that it showed you family, and appreciation that it gave you freedom. A home is always a place that is memorable and will always stay in your memories. It taught you a life lesson stating that not everyone is as lucky as you and can’t live in a beautiful, pleasant state just like you. Let’s raise their hopes and persuade back into living a happy life in a calm and welcoming neighbourhood.