Grade 4



Home is glee,joy and a friend
something you can depend on
it is something you can mend
it is not evil and never gone.

It’s somewhere you can tell secrets
without anyone knowing
somewhere you can store food
but it’s not for towing.

It’s full of memories
and family loving you
it has lots of stories only you can know
it’s not scary… BOO!

God is protecting us inside
on stormy nights
now we do not need to hide
even in a storm when have frights.

Home I love I really do
my dog greeting me is fun too
my home is safe diddly-do
it’s solid not goo

Everything inside
is loving and my joy
and not near the tide
and sometimes is like a big toy.

My home is full of things
big and small skinny and wide
sometimes i’m inside wishing I had wings
and there are things full of my families pride.

My home has things I love like jelly
my dog on the couch ready to bark
here’s the food now rub my belly
soo do you get the mark?

my home has no tears
my stuff inside is protected
and it has never said cheers
and aa fire has never been detected