Grade 6



Oh what a wonderful place to be
A place where all should see
Somewhere I have the right
To be myself from dawn to night

Home is where I feel the warmth and comfort
From the people around me
Home is where I just ate
All the food of my dinner plate

Home is the place that is oh so great
A place where I share a bond with my family
A place where I could just be me
When I think of not having a home
It hits my heart and I say “wow”

Home is the place I want to be all the time
And not at the place as sour as lime
Where I get hugs and kisses from my parents
We always go on fun errands

Home is not a house
Not even for a mouse
Home is the place I feel loved and accepted
A home doesn’t have to be expensive

Home is where my relatives can meet
The place where we can celebrate and eat
Home is the place I would never leave at all
I would rather stay at home then go to a ball

Home oh what a wonderful place to be
It is too good to be true
It must be a dream!