Grade 6



Home is…
A place to call my own
A place to feel welcomed
A place where people believe in you
Home is where you feel loved
A place where you feel special
Where you feel respected
Where we appreciate each other
Home is where dreams come true
A place where love fills the room

Home is where we learn our right from wrong
Home is where we overcome tough times
A place where you can voice your opinion
Where we share our feelings
Home is where we get inspired
Where you can be yourself
Home is where you can express your feelings
Where freedom lies
Home is where adventure begins

The smell of morning coffee
Precious memories and moments
Happiness and laughter
Getting support
That safe place feeling
Home is a comfortable place to stay
Cozy and warm
Blankets by the fireplace
Joyful conversations
Passions are accepted
A place to imagine
Home is everything I ever dreamed of