Grade 5



What is home, you ask? When you get back from a long
day at school, and you walk into the house, and you get
that warm feeling all over. You just want to see your mom
and dad. A home has been through a lot, dirt to brick,
empty to full, clean to dirty. But no matter what, you
always have that warm feeling — like a hug from your mom
and dad. That feeling like you are never alone.

A lot of kids say their house is too small, but some people
don’t have anything at all. They will never have a roof over
their head. I’m glad my parents remind me to be grateful
every day. A while back, I was upset that I didn’t have a
PS4, but then I thought about it. It seemed so trivial. There
are people who may not have food, a home, or a family.
And a home and a family make everything better. It’s like
Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, and Valentine’s
Day, every day. That’s what I think about home.