Grade 4




Whenever I get home I get a warm greeting from my dog jumping up and down. Home is not called a house it’s called a home, family and friends. I feel loved, cared for and safe at home. When I’m sad and down my family helps me get back up here at home. I can sleep, be myself and remember that I’m safe.

What if you didn’t have a home would you have any memories? My sister broke her leg and we helped and helped until she could walk again. What if you didn’t have a family to help you? Think about that. When my mom or my dad left somewhere it didn’t feel like family. What if you were on the streets and none of your family was there. Imagine that?

What if I was homeless knowing that I can’t pay for a house or health. I would be grateful for one meal a day, I’m knowing that people think that I’m going to buy something else. At least there’s homeless shelters like The Mustard Seed, Inn from the Cold etc. I would try finding a comfy enough spot to sleep. Imagine that.

I have a mom, a dad, a dog, a sister, and two fish. Having a dog is great but not all homeless shelters allow dogs. It’s either splitting up your family and getting in a homeless shelter, or it’s keeping your dog and you on the streets. But having a home is a whole different story. HOME IS LOVE!!!!

By Lucas