Grade 4

British Columbia



Home has a lot of things to make it home; like the smell, your pets and a home is all about
family I will talk about why home matters to everyone!!

First the smell. The smell sometimes smells stinky. Sometimes it smells like you even. But
most of all it smells like home.

It gives you a feeling. Like the peaceful feeling. The comfy feeling and the most important one if
all is that it feels like home.

Now the most important part Family. I know some people live with their grandparents and some
live with their aunts and uncles and some have a normal family and some have split families
too. But you have a family and that’s all that matters.

I know all of you have a family of some kind like split, or you live with your grandparents and all
of that stuff. Most of all is you have a family and that matters to you!