Grade 5

British Columbia


Home to me feels like loving and caring people waiting
for you. Bookshelves filled with lots of knowledge, cabinets
filled with lots of food and bottled water. Home is a place of
rest and relaxation. Beautiful Pictures, paintings and
drawings hanging on the wall that you can look at every
single day to fill your bucket.
But, home doesn’t mean living in a normal house.
Lots of kids and adults across the world don’t even have a
house to live in, some people live in hammocks, in tents or
even just on the street under a tree. Struggling for fresh
food and clean water. Habitat for humanity can change
your old life and is able for you to start new.
Home is unique, it’s like a fingerprint. Whenever you
are at home you feel fuzzy and good. Home is where you
hangout and just chill, it can be anywhere. Home is just
where you feel safe. It’s awesome, it’s fantastic, it’s…..