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Porters Lake
Nova Scotia


Hi, today I well be taking about a home but not just any home, a home that is bright warm and relaxing. Like if you came from the dark, the house well bright you up, or if you are coming from a cold winter storm, the house well worm you up like a hot sauna. Now there are many types of homes but maybe your home is cold or maybe your house is dark, but in every home there is life, not life like people life, life like there is a pinch of love that hits you in every room of the house. Love like there is always a light switch to turn on and off. A home is where you can be you and be able to be comfortable saying your thoughts out loud. Not only to be comfortable with speaking, but to be comfortable with action. Every move you make is a action, that you may or may not be comfortable doing in someone’s else’s house. Homes are very special to us, if you have a home you are very special in this world. Because there are lots of homeless people in the world with no shelter at all. That’s why the Habitat for Humanity help build a home for those in need. A space were they can cook sleep and feel safe. Habitat for Humanity is the best company for making people come together and love one and there in a safe place.